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Let Us Learn: Resources

FAQ for Educators 

This FAQ answers key questions on the right of all children to enroll in public school, regardless of immigration status.


Know Your Rights Flyer for Parents

This one-page flyer provides a quick explanation for parents on the rights of all children to attend public school.


Webinar on Rights of All Children to Attend School

Slides and notes from a webinar on the rights of all children to attend school, regardless of their immigration status. This also includes detailed notes on what documents and information districts may and may not ask for from parents during the enrollment process.


Flyer Right to Access Education 

A one-page flyer on the right of children to access an education that educators can post in their schools to help make parents and students aware of their rights.


Flyer on Right on Immigrant Students

A vertical flyer with information on school districts, enrollment policies, and the U.S. Supreme Court case Plyer v. Doe.

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