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Stop Hate Project

Hate incidents across the United States are surging, devastating individuals and entire communities. Hundreds of organizations in communities across the country work to combat hate every day. To help combat this increase and support those organizations, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law launched the Stop Hate Project.

Please visit 8449nohate.org for our collection of community resources to combat hate.

If you are an individual or institution that was victimized by a hate incident, call 1-844-9-NO-HATE for reporting and resource purposes.

If you are an advocate looking for resources or want to learn more about how to combat hate in your community, e-mail us at [email protected].

You can also report a hate incident here: https://communitiesagainsthate.org/report



The Stop Hate Project seeks to strengthen the capacity of community leaders, law enforcement, and organizations around the country to combat hate by connecting these groups with established legal and social services resources.


About the 1-844-9-NO-HATE Hotline

The Lawyers’ Committee has run an Election Protection Hotline for over a decade, providing resources and assistance to callers on Election Day. As part of the Stop Hate Project, Lawyers’ Committee launched a resource and reporting hotline for hate incidents: 1-844-9-NO-HATE.


Resources Provided

Individuals and organizations that call the hotline receive resources they need as we leverage our national network of pro bono attorneys, connect callers and victims of hate to community organizations, mental health services, and in appropriate cases, provide access to counsel.

Examples of resources provided have included template letters to make sure undocumented students are admitted to school, support for reaching out to and training law enforcement, and connecting callers with local and national civil rights and service organizations.


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