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Educational Opportunities Project

The Educational Opportunities Project (“EOP”) strives to guarantee that all students receive equal educational opportunities in public schools and institutions of higher learning. Working with private law firms and community leaders, the EOP has been successful in promoting school integration; supporting the mission of the No Child Left Behind Act; and challenging discriminatory discipline and classroom assignment practices as well as school finance inadequacy.

Recent Educational Opportunities Project News

April 17, 2018

Debunking The Myth Of “Uncaring Parents” in ELL Classrooms

  Thinking back to my educational experiences growing up, there were many hurdles I had to overcome without the assistance of my parents. This is not to say that they did not want to help, but rather, they did not have the knowledge nor the necessary means to do so. Some might argue that the lack of parent engagement my parents exhibited equated to them not caring. While this is untrue, this narrative is often forced upon the parents of English Language Learners (ELLs) who might not be as involved in their child’s educational studies as other parents without exploring the root of the problem. This can be extremely detrimental and perpetuate false myths about “uncaring parents” in ELL classrooms.   Why is it important to increase parental educational engagement? For starters, this factor has long been seen as a key predictor of school achievement. Studies consistently show that children […]

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