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Educational Opportunities Project

The Educational Opportunities Project (“EOP”) strives to guarantee that all students receive equal educational opportunities in public schools and institutions of higher learning. Working with private law firms and community leaders, the EOP has been successful in promoting school integration; supporting the mission of the No Child Left Behind Act; and challenging discriminatory discipline and classroom assignment practices as well as school finance inadequacy.

Recent Educational Opportunities Project News

March 15, 2018

The Results Are In: Mandate School Discipline Reform to Protect the Rights of Students of Color

“The undeniable truth is that the everyday education experiences for too many students of color violate the principle of equity at the heart of the American promise.” former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan   J.J Powell, a preschool student, was labeled dangerous and destructive by teachers at the age of four and has been suspended from school five times for minor instances such as hitting a teacher on the arm. Unfortunately, JJ’s story is not unique, but rather part of a pattern of harsh disciplinary tactics in schools nationwide. A ten-year-old fifth-grade student climbed on top of a table in class and was handcuffed and pinned face down by police officers as a result. A fifteen-year-old eighth-grade student was arrested, handcuffed, and taken to a juvenile detention center for six days for throwing candy at another student on a school bus. Despite these instances of discipline occurring in public schools […]

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