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Dr. Megan A. Gall

Social Scientist

Dr. Megan A. Gall is the Social Scientist at the Committee providing geospatial and statistical expertise. Megan assists in developing quantitative evidence for purposes of investigation and litigation. In this capacity she analyzes elections (e.g. ecological inference), conducts political redistricting, and analyzes ‘costs’ of voting using geospatial methods. She also provides quantitative analyses and graphics for Lawyers’ Committee publications.

Megan earned her MS in Geographic Information Science (GIS) in 2007 before working for a Colorado-based non-profit doing analytic work around homelessness, crime, fair housing, and statewide HIV/AIDS programming. In 2013, Megan earned her PhD in political science where she focused her study on American state politics and public policy. Her research investigated the political geography and electoral consequences of the realigning elections of the Slavery and Civil Rights Eras in American politics. She is also a certified GIS professional (GISP).

Megan serves as an AAG GeoMentor and sits on the board of the William Penn House. She is deeply invested in using data and geographic analyses to protect civil rights across political arenas. Follow Megan on Twitter @DocGallJr

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