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Election Protection 2008: Helping Voters Today, Modernizing the System for Tomorrow

December 31, 2008 | Download

Election Protection 2012: Our Broken Voting System and How To Repair It

The 2008 election inspired millions of new voters across the country to participate in democracy. However, this high turnout widened pre-existing cracks in our election system. Election officials nationwide were grossly under-resourced, valid voters were purged from the rolls, absentee ballots were delayed or never sent, and hundreds of thousands of Americans were forced to wait in hours-long lines to vote. These barriers particularly affected voters of color, new citizens, military service members, elderly voters, people with disabilities, and students. These are old challenges, made more urgent by the ever-increasing enthusiasm of eligible voters across the country. The 2008 Election Protection program was the most ambitious voter education and protection effort in history, and hundreds of thousands of voters were able to avoid the above barriers with direct help from Election Protection’s volunteers in 2008.

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