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Lawyers’ Committee President and Executive Director Barbara Arnwine Testifies Before EEOC

For Immediate Release April 15, 2015


Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 15, 2015 – Today, 50 years since the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law President and Executive Director Barbara Arnwine testified on the 21st century challenges to an equal playing field in the work environment. Racial minorities and women continue to face unfair conditions, from hiring discrimination to equal pay. A panelist for the EEOC meeting in Miami, Florida, Ms. Arnwine  stressed the importance of continued EEOC enforcement of federal anti-discrimination laws, given the landscape of new and continued struggles to equal employment opportunity.

Ms. Arnwine outlined two major issues African Americans and Latinos face in their employment experience: the disproportionate negative impact of criminal background checks and credit checks. As a result of mass incarceration and various factors that leave Blacks and Latinos more vulnerable to negative credit histories, minorities are more often excluded from job opportunities all together. These discriminatory practices contribute to the economic insecurity that currently suffocates communities of color. Ms. Arnwine also urged the EEOC to consider the challenges facing Black women of color, including addressing our nation’s unconscionable wage gap.

The enforcement of our nation’s civil rights laws, particularly those in the employment context, is of paramount importance to the Lawyers’ Committee and the broader civil rights community. The EEOC plays a critical role in this process and for the past 50 years has been at the forefront of protecting the rights of American workers. The Lawyers’ Committee applauds the EEOC for its efforts to advance the rights of workers throughout America and looks forward to working together to further this essential work. 

Click here for Ms. Arnwine’s full testimony.

About The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
The Lawyers' Committee, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, was formed in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy to involve the private bar in providing legal services to address racial discrimination. The Lawyers' Committee celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013 as it continued its quest of "Moving America Toward Justice." The principal mission of the Lawyers' Committee is to secure, through the rule of law, equal justice under law, particularly in the areas of fair housing and fair lending, community development, employment, voting, education and environmental justice.

For more information about the Lawyers' Committee, visit www.lawyerscommittee.org.

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