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Social Media Campaign: #WhyWeKneel

September 6, 2018

Director of Communications

The #WhyWeKneel campaign is designed to take advantage of the momentum created by recent developments by steering the conversation away from the National Anthem and toward the injustices faced by communities of color. #WhyWeKneel will run for the entire first weekend of the NFL season and all posts should include the aforementioned hashtag.

Followers are strongly urged to post one of the 11 graphics at kickoff (times below) when the lion’s share of Twitter activity will occur – helping to maximize our reach.

The following kickoff times reflect each opportunity to amplify the graphics below:

Thursday, 9/6 – 8:00 pm

Sunday 9/9 – 1:00 pm (early games), 4:25 pm (afternoon games), 8:20 pm (night game)

Monday 9/10 – 7:10 pm (early Monday Night Football), 10:15 pm (late Monday Night Football)



  1. #WhyWeKneel: Because freedom of expression is an unalienable right afforded to ALL Americans by the Constitution.
  2. Protest is patriotic! #WhyWeKneel
  3. Black are locked up at a disproportionate rate to other racial groups. #WhyWeKneel
  4. 57 percent of the U.S. Prison population is Black and Latino. #WhyWeKneel
  5. Despite comprising only 13% of the total U.S. population, African Americans make up 41.7% percent of the U.S. prison population.
  6. 57 percent of African American women killed by police from 2013-2015 were UNARMED. #WhyWeKneel #SayHerName
  7. We live in a time where it is more controversial to support Black and Brown people’s right to fair treatment than a President who builds walls, cages children, and reinforces the reprehensible acts of violent dictators.
  8. #WhyWeKneel: Police brutality. Mass incarceration. Radicalized violence. The criminalization of poverty.
  9. Police brutality and racial injustice at the hands of the state is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue.  #WhyWeKneel
  10. African Americans are incarcerated at more than FIVE times the rate of Whites. #WhyWeKneel
  11. #WhyWeKneel: #MichaelBrown. #AltonSterling. #FreddyGray. #PhilandoCastile. #WalterScott. #JamarClark. #TamirRice.
  12. Because “paid leave” doesn’t fill the void in the lives of families who have lost a loved one to police brutality. #WhyWeKneel



Police brutality continues to plague


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